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Hey, I'm 
Madison Brandt


My mission is to support you in both finding AND keep a healthy relationship. I envision a world where people can experience the deepest fulfillment by getting to FULLY LOVE and BE FULLY LOVED. 


Before my healing journey, dating felt exhausting and the idea of a healthy, happy relationship felt far from possible.

I dated people who weren't "real" choices for me — from emotionally unavailable men to the "nice guy" that I wasn't actually attracted to... you name it. 

After 3 breakups in an entire year, I realized I had never had a deeply fulfilling relationship. One where it was actually fulfilling or where I was my best self. In fact, my friendships were great... but relationships somehow were where I was the worst version of myself.

I deeply craved a partnership with an amazing partner. BUT... I knew that until I did the inner work, all my relationships would end up the way they had.

I knew I had healing work to do and I knew my beliefs around love and dating were skewed. 

I wanted to be able to find AND keep the right love. But how?

What I realized?

And finally after a lot of introspection and self work, I've become the version of myself that could find AND hold healthy, happy love.

I was the common denominator of all my problems.

I knew it was time to do the inner work before dating again.

So I spent time healing. I went to therapy and coaching. I spent a lot of time learning — reading, podcasts, etc. I worked on my mindsets and beliefs. You name it. I shifted my patterns and learned how to date differently. 

And that's why I'm passionate to support you.
Let's transform your love life together.

Love shows us ourselves on the deepest level. It shows where we need to heal. It highlights our beliefs. Plus, dating is a serious SKILL and if more people knew more here, their lives would change like crazy!

There's so much work you can do on your own, but receiving support takes everything to the next level.

You deserve to feel loved, safe, seen, and capable in your relationships. 

And the best thing? Not only will you attract the type of love you desire... you'll discover it within first.


I'd love to help you on
 your journey.


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