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Episode 23: Say it Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar

 In this episode, I’m joined by Vasavi Kumar — licensed therapist, coach, podcast host and founder of the Say it Out Loud group program.

Vasavi shares how we can empower ourselves to start saying it out loud to free ourselves from the ways we hide from, fix and shame ourselves.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

Why saying it out loud will free you — in your relationships and beyond How to love your solitude and to start giving yourself what you want others to give you How to end the cycle of morphing yourself for the approval of others How to get in touch with your needs, wants and the most authentic version of you How being available to yourself allows you to attract emotionally available partners …and so much more! If you liked this episode, share on your IG story and tag me @wellnessmads. I’d love to hear what you learned!

If you want to listen to this episode, click here.

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