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Episode 19: Healing Trauma + Building Healthy Relationships With Emmy Marie

Welcome back to The Deep Talk! In this episode, I’m joined by Emmy Marie, a certified trauma-informed life coach and NARM practitioner. Emmy’s goal is to help people (and her clients) create thriving lives and relationships after trauma.

Emmy shares her experience as a survivor of an abusive relationship and her journey of healing the resulting trauma. She also shares her current experience in a safe, healthy relationship with a secure partner after being in the toxic relationship.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • The definition of trauma, what it feels like in the body and healing modalities for trauma
  • Emmy’s story of being in an abusive relationship and the signs of being in one
  • Emmy’s story of being in a SAFE relationship and the green flags to look out for 
  • Attachment styles relating to relationships
  • How to stop self-sabotoging in a healthy relationship 

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Listen to this episode HERE.

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