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Episode 13: Create Your Own Blueprint of a Happy, Healthy Life with Alysia Pope

In this episode, I’m joined by Alysia Pope, IIN health coach, podcast host, wellness expert and pilates trainer. Alysia coaches through the lens of self-love and bio-individuality — helping people to create wellness habits that work for them, and to leave what doesn’t. Some things we chat about include:

  • How Alysia built her passion-filled wellness business (and how you can do it, too)
  • Debunking the “that girl” trend and leaning into an intuitive-based lifestyle
  • Living with self-love and stepping away from people pleasing 
  • Bio-individuality and finding wellness practices that work for YOU (no more “should’s”)
  • The balance between intuition & discipline 
  • Alysia’s best advice for beginning your own self-love journey 
  • Why Alysia calls it “movement” instead of “exercise”

Alysia and I talk about how leaning into your intuition and embracing your individuality leads you to your own wellness blueprint (which is the best blueprint for YOU!). Her own personal journey, along with some of her advice, will encourage you to embrace bio-individuality, self-love and feeling great in your everyday life.

Listen to this episode HERE.

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